Addendum to “Stages of Courtship” Post

Last month’s newsletter introduced Dr. Carnes’ 12 Dimensions of Courtship.  Following up with some questions that were asked, I want to note that these are not stages in the sense of literal steps, but more “aspects” and “dimensions.”  A great question that was asked by readers was something akin to, “Why is commitment listed as one of the last steps?”  This is where I want to be very clear and state that commitment is VERY important (research-wise AND faith-wise) as a relationship develops, andespecially before foreplay and intercourse.  Getting right down to it, intimacy requires trust and safety.  If we get technical, being a committed person is an important trait to have before Dimension 1.  Carnes’ dimensions are also interchangeable with one another.  I hope this provides clarity.  Thanks for listening, and always feel free to pass on your thoughts and questions!  Image


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