Spiritual Growth For The New Year

Complacency is not befitting of spiritual growth.  That’s why I ask myself several questions that I hope you’ll consider asking yourself.  These are not new questions.  Philosophy and Theology have asked several core and BIG questions like these for centuries:

How do you know that what you know is true (epistemology)?

Where did I come from (ontology)?

What is my purpose (teleology)?

What happens to me when I die (eschatology)?

What if I’m wrong (humility)?

What am I willing to stake on it?  Can I afford to be wrong (risk)?

What has shaped my views- family, culture, practicality, spiritual transformation, comfort, hurt, success (influence)?

Could I be wrong (probability)?

Does what I believe in accomplish what it promises (congruency)?

Is there a Higher Being in the universe (theology)?

Am I being honest (honesty)?